Non-Firearm Training

& Course List

Below is the complete list of Non-firearm courses we offer. If you are looking for training for a certain situation you don't see listed here, please contact us so we can schedule a private course tailored with your specific needs in mind.

Active Terror Response - Designed to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to stay alive during an active shooter situation; this course takes a deep dive into understanding Active Shooter psychology, tactics, and likely targeted areas. In order to defend yourself from this sort of situation its important to understand the historical trends found in Active Shooter situations as well as how to defend against certain tactics used by Active Shooters. Be ready for tactically intense course that will give you the skills to stay alive in the fight! Course Length: 3 Hours Cost: $100 per person

Ladies Self-Defense/Assault Prevention – A course that will prepare ALL women for encounters with lethal threats and dangerous situations. Topics covered include: threat assessments, situational awareness, empty hand defense, improvised weapons, and conventional weapon use. Duration: 3 Hours Cost: $90.00 per person

Realtor Tactical Safety – Designed to address the daily threats that realtors must negotiate; this course was made to keep realtors safe while interacting with potential clients in underpopulated spaces. Several core concepts concerning the defensive mindset, close quarter engagements, angle use, situational awareness, threat assessments, body language, and improvised weapons are covered. Duration: 3 Hours Cost: $100.00 per person

Educator Safety (For Classroom Teachers)– Designed for all educators who work in a classroom setting, this course focuses on the fundamental components of threat recognition, threat avoidance, critical defense, appropriate levels of force, improvised weapons, empty hand defense, and many other topics. Duration: 3 Hours Cost $70.00 per person

Emergency Combat First Aid– This course will take a deep dive into how you should care for someone who has been severely wounded in a lethal altercation. Topics that will be addressed include: how to tend to gunshot wounds and stab wounds, psychological aspects of emergency first aid, applying aid under stress, improvised first aid considerations, and much more. Length: 4 Hours Cost: $200 per person

Improvised Weapons – There are plenty of occasions in which conventional weapons may not be readily available when we must defend ourselves and our loved ones. This course goes into the intricacies and concepts needed to recognize and create improvised weapons in your environment that are capable of being used to defend yourself. Length: 4 Hours Cost: $100 per person

Edged Weapons – A crucial course for individuals who carry any sort of edged weapon; this course explores fundamental concepts of edged weapon conceal-ability, deployment, tactical use and defense. Length: 4 Hours Cost: $100 per person Empty Hand Defense – A pillar course that covers fundamental principles of empty hand defense, this course will introduce defensive measures in all three hand to hand combat ranges as well as grappling. Duration: 4 Hours Cost $90.00 per person

College Safety – Designed for every student that attends college or is preparing to attend college, this course is NECESSARY given the amount of threats that college campuses are surrounded with. Specific topics include threat assessments, situational awareness, covert communication, bail strategies, weapon use, active shooter defense, and many others! Length: 4 Hours Cost: $90 per person

Teen Defense – This course is specially designed to address the security issues that surround preteens and teens in today’s day and age. Topics in this course include situational awareness, urban tactics, identifying threats, threat assessments, verbal defense, empty hand defense, improvised weapons, and much more. Length: 4 Hours Cost: $70 per person

Workplace Defense – For professionals across all industries, this course facilitates appropriate ways to handle threats within a professional environment. Topics that are instructed include threat recognition, threat assessments, appropriate uses of force, GRIT’s sword and shield approach, improvised weapons, empty hand defense, how to read threatening body language, bail outs, and many others! Duration: 4 Hours Cost: $100.00 per person

Travel Security– Whether it’s for vacation, leisure, or work, traveling presents inherent risks that require sound plans of action and keen awareness. This course dives into the many considerations that should be taken when traveling which include threat assessments, situational awareness, reconnaissance, covert communication, bail out procedures, improvised weapons, counter-intelligence, and much more. Duration: 4 Hours Cost: $150.00 per person

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