Team Building and Leadership Cultivation


The GRIT leadership and team building program is based on over four decades of combat experience, team management, morale building, and the latest anthropological data regarding workforce management and optimization.

Our one-of-a-kind approach to facilitating leadership and successful teamwork roots itself in unveiling individual inspiration and motivation which is achieved through empowering our clientele with intestinal fortitude that will optimize their quality of life as well as understanding of holistic success.

A pillar component for the program is forging introspective and social collectivity so that ordinary folks become equipped to rise and deal with extraordinary circumstances with ease and flexibility. Having the confidence in themselves as well as their peers requires an unspoken trust that cannot be facilitated in an office setting, rather, through enduring demanding evolutions and scenarios that spark their inner grit and forges their own best versions of themselves!

GRIT’s approach has been scientifically proven to be effective as it relies on cutting edge research, tip of the spear small unit exercises found in military special operations, and outdoor adventures that push individuals beyond their own self-limiting beliefs to unleash the best versions of themselves and optimize their interactions with their team!


Our Leadership and Team Building Programs Consist Of The Following Categories:

GRIT Adventure – One Day Team Building Experience designed for those who want to experience a day filled with unorthodox challenges, outdoor adventure and team obstacles. This experience is 12 hours of intense and deliberate activities. Your team will have a jam packed day consisting of the following:


GRIT Elite – Two Day Team Building Retreat consisting of 2 days of jam packed activities that will bring out the excellence in your team! This 2 day elite experience is designed to push the internal growth and team growth of your team. We will kick the first day off with individual obstacles and work our way through team building challenges and leadership cultivation scenarios. Activities will consist of:


GRIT Black Ops – Three Day Team Building Mission for those who are looking to push their team through a one of a kind experience. This 3 day, non-stop adventure is filled with unforeseen obstacles that will push you to overcome any type of adversity. GRIT knows that nothing brings individuals closer than being in times of high stress where team member’s lives are at stake and a pressing objective must be achieved! Each activity within GRIT Black Ops is designed to make your team a fine tuned group of leaders that prepare for the ultimate mission of saving a hostage from kidnappers! Your team will go through the following evolutions:


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