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GRIT Level 1 Combatives Certification

This program is a 90 day program that provides clients with a firm base in empty hand defense, tactical knife use, impact weapons, and improvised weapons. No experience is necessary, just a good attitude and hard work ethic! Coming out of this certification, combatants will be equipped with the fundamental skills to defend themselves empty handed on their feet, on the ground, with an improvised weapon, as well as with a tactical knife.

Prerequisite: You must be at least 18 years of age and a law abiding citizen.

GRIT Level 2 Combatives Certification

This 90 day program takes the foundational skills acquired in Level 1 and introduces the element of tactical firearm training. GRIT Combatants will be introduced to the art and science of concealed carry firearm manipulation in addition to building on their empty hand and tactical knife/improvised weapons skills. After successful completion of this level, combatants will have a fundamental understanding of concealed handgun manipulation, handgun fighting tactics, as well as advanced manipulation of edged and impact weapons.

Prerequisite: GRIT Combatives Level 1 Certification

GRIT Level 3 Combatives Certification

This 90 day program is the pinnacle of the GRIT Combatives curriculum. Students will acquire the advanced skills needed to transition from one weapon system to the next (firearm to blade to empty hand, and vice a versa), negotiate threats in low level light situations, unorthodox fighting positions, active shooter defense, vehicular defense, multi person defense, and a myriad of other advanced principles. This certification is extremely challenging but will mesh together ALL of the necessary skills to stay safe in ANY SITUATION and AT ANY GIVEN TIME.

Prerequisite: GRIT Combatives Level 2 Certification



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