Mission & Vision
Our mission is to empower you with the skills and knowledge to protect yourself... your family... your future.

Ground Ready International Training (G.R.I.T.)™ seeks to instill and educate you with the tools and mindset needed to protect yourself and your loved ones in an increasingly unstable world.

A pillar component of G.R.I.T. is client empowerment. We strongly believe that every individual is their own best protection and should have the skill sets needed to avoid threats as well as defend against them should they ever present themselves. We currently offer a total of 32 protection courses; 21 that are armed, and 11 that are unarmed. Our 2017 course offering list can be found below.

GRIT Combatives

Ground Ready International Training

We are a protection education firm that specializes in close quarter tactics that keep law abiding citizens, law enforcement, and military personnel safe. We pride ourselves in utilizing Adult Learning Theory principles that are infused with Problem Based Learning techniques. Our methodical approach to content facilitation is built on efficiency, awareness, and intentional operant conditioning.

We believe in avoiding violence through conducting consistent threat assessments. Understanding the appropriate levels of force when a threat does present itself is a focal point that is conditioned through defensive fundamentals at both the cognitive and physical level. Our firearms training courses are dedicated to safety, economy of motion, appropriate concealment/placement, and swift threat neutralization.

Safety & Security

Put yourself back in control.

At GRIT Combatives we teach how to maintain control in highly stressful situations. Never feel helpless again regardless of what is happening around you. After attending the GRIT Combatives courses you will be confident and aware of your surroundings like never before.

Committed To Your Success

Our team here at GRIT Combatives wants you to succeed.

We strive for our clients to be successful through their training. We pride ourselves on the knowledge that when someone leaves their training, they will be safer and more secure than they ever have been in their entire lives. There isn't a better feeling than to know that you can protect yourself, your loved ones, and your future.

Our Advisory Board

True Heroes

Our Advisory Board has over 100 years combined experience in military, counter-terrorism, anti kidnapping, high risk protection, and law enforcement. They are a highly qualified team that produces results without fail. To them failure isn't an option, especially when lives could be at stake. Trust your training to the experts and choose Ground Ready International Training.